Holiday Petition

We LOVE the Constitution and you do too! Our petition to make September 17th a holiday will go live September 1st through September 30th, 2014. We need 100,000 signatures, so tell your parents, teachers and other adults to click her and sign the petition. Make sure to remind them to check their email to confirm their signature or else it won’t count!

Help us spread the word: Tell your friends to let their parents and other adults know about the petition too!

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Petition begins on
September 1, 2014
and ends
September 30, 2014.

Parents & Teachers

Why Is This Important? The Constitution makes us the United States of America – we should acknowledge its importance with a with a day off from school and work to celebrate the Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees us all.

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What are some of the rights we could lose if we didn't have the U.S. Constitution? Click here to watch A Day Without the Constitution